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Sinking in a Puddle of Mud...

Blog post number 1.... Hello World!!

I find myself far more excited than I should be by the arrival today of 6 new pairs of extra long, extra thick and hopefully, extra thermal socks ready for the arrival of beautiful/soggy Autumn and cold/frosty Winter.

After a summer where I nearly got swallowed whole in a puddle of mud.... I had to bin the wellies in the picture after crawling out of the mud and then climbing back in, in just my socks, to rescue the wellies so I could walk the 4km back to the car! In the middle of the Forest of Dean with no phone signal...I now have a new healthy respect for mud puddles!!

Whilst washing the mud off in a stream I then discovered several non waterproof holes that I'm sure wasn't there before! Hence the binning when I got home. I will stick with my 30+yr old red ones in future!

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